How healthy is your business?

How well is the general management, finance, marketing, sales, people and profits working?

Think of a Business Health Check as a more serious version of a board or management meeting – a deep-dive into each and every part of the business. It can be a sobering experience, but it’s always of great benefit to the business and its owners.

We recommend taking the pulse of the business at least annually, to be clear about the parts of the business most in need of improvement, issues needing resolving and opportunities to be exploited. And all with a very keen eye on profitability.

Your business health check is rarely an isolated task. In fact, it can be a powerful tool for business owners wanting to kick-start a period of business growth.

How healthy is your business today?

How healthy is your business?

Download your free checklist

If you are concerned about how your business is performing – or frankly, if you are not sure, then download this free checklist to find out. It’s intuitive and with just ten questions it’s very easy and quick to determine if you need a business health check. (Not every business does)

Download your Health Check checklist here

Ten questions to help you determine how your business is performing. Quickly determine if you need a business health check. (Not every business does)

What if I need further help?

Your free checklist download comes with up to three hours of professional business support, all fully funded and at no cost to you. To take advantage, simply call Paul Munnery directly on 07850 900004 or contact us here.

Should you wish, Paul will take the lead in helping you make a comprehensive, objective and searching review of your business. Paul’s experience and understanding of start-up, micro and small business will help identify how well each area of the business is performing, the issues to be resolved and opportunities to exploit – and all with clarity! You will then have a business health check with recommendations.

Armed with a clear and objective overview of your business, a clear understanding of how the business should look twelve months out and the important tasks & activities to be worked in the year ahead, you will be well placed to realise the full potential of your business. If you’d like to see an example business health check document that includes current situation, projected situation plus tasks and activities to work on, please ask and we will be pleased to send you one.

In over ten years of carrying out professional business health checks for clients, no business has delivered flat or declining performance in the following nine months. In fact, outcomes have generally been excellent, including.
•    Higher revenue and gross profit
•    Reduced costs as a proportion of revenues
•    An ‘easier’, more efficient business to manage
•    A growing business

For many successful businesses, an annual health check is considered essential good management and planned in advance. You may wish to consider planning your health check.

The next stage

For an initial chat about a business health check, please call Paul directly and confidentially on his mobile – 07850 900004, or contact us here.

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